Canefields Picture Calendar

Canefields Picture Calendar

‘Canefields Picture Calendar’ is brought to you by members, staff, students & volunteers. The Clubhouse encourages all to work together to achieve goals. A most satisfying and rewarding activity. Thanks goto Timely for creating such a beautiful Events app.

See an event that appeals to you? Contact us for more info. Meanwhile, enjoy “Canefields Picture Calendar”.

Canefield Clubhouse Activities

Likewise you may interested to know of activities available. Canefields provide employment opportunities. Wonderful Services, has job opportunities including Car wash, Gardening , Handyman & Cleaning. Likewise, varying job types are available every day.

Members can keep busy with daily tasks. This is the Work Ordered Day. For example,  administration, housing and Employment & Education, catering, cooking, maitainence. On the other hand, members can choose whatever tasks they like doing for the day. Staff at Canefields are there to engage with members as colleagues doing important work. They are encouraging and engaging with people who may want to believe in themselves again.

Become a Member?

Safe, Supportive & Friendly

A safe, supportive and friendly environment is provided by Clubhouses. People are accepted as valued members of the community. Members’ talents, skills and strengths are relied upon in order for a clubhouse to function.

Canefields Clubhouse is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provider. We can help you get NDIS ready by guiding  you through the whole process. Whether you are eligible, already have, or want more information on an NDIS package, we can assist you.

Membership Form

For a membership form contact us:

– by phone (07) 3807 0951
– come into 2/11-13 Logandowns Drive Meadowbrook
– request a copy by email:

You will receive a personal membership form, THIS INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. If and when a potential member is ready, then we will sign them up.

Please remember  membership is for life. Therefore, no matter how often a member comes in, they are always welcome.  Whether this be once a year or every day. Once you have completed the form you automatically become a member for life. You can then enjoy all the facilities and services the Clubhouse has to offer.

Employment Opportunities

Canefields clubhouse provide employment opportunities for members through Wonderful Services. Job opportunities include car washing/detailing, gardening , handyman, cleaning and more.

In addition to the employment opportunities,  members can also fulfill their day at Canefields Clubhouse with daily tasks. These daily tasks come from administration, housing and Employment & Education unit. Members can choose whatever tasks they like doing for the day. The staff at Canefields Clubhouse are there to engage with members as colleagues in meaningful work. They are also encouraging and engaging members who might not yet believe in themselves.

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