Community Garden

Community Gardens

Our community garden is doing really well. We’ve planted lots of new things such as lettuce, tomatoes, snow peas, capsicum, carrots and strawberries. Hopefully, soon,
we’ll be able to cook with what we grow…totally organic. We have also planted some flowers too, such as Snap Dragons and Viola’s. We will keep everyone updated with our
gardening progress.

Employment & Education unit Report

Clubhouse International faculty members; Kare and Peace visited our TEP sites and show their appreciation to employers;
Langs Buildings Supplies and KT Cables. Clubhouse TEP is the most unique and powerful program to assist clubhouse members
back to workforces. The goals of TEP are to help members gain work experience, build confidence, establish current references, and therefore put
them in a stronger position to participate in paid work.

“A Corporate Response to Mental Health” – 15 th June 2016.

The Cocktail event finally arrived and it turned out to be a phenomenal event. The proceedings went smoothly and the turn out was brilliant. The event was elegantly hosted by Councillor Stacey McIntosh and she made a sterling effort in engaging the crowd and ensuring the guests were on the edge of their seats. The speakers on the night gave timely presentations on mental health in the corporate sector but more so how their interaction with Canefields Clubhouse had been a point of transformation for them in regards to learning and being part of mental health. Logan Mayor Luke Smith highlighted his joy in being part of Clubhouse and his continual support in the Wellness Riverwalk. He even pledged a on the spot donation and was gracious in his comments toward Clubhouse. The night ushered in the start of our Wellness Riverwalk 2016 and sign ups continued well into the night. The grand moment of the night belonged to one of our members as Jo Kilby presented a moving story of how she has endured mental illness and how her relationship with Canefields has buoyed her forward and transformed her and her outlook on life. The event was brilliant and Canefields would like to thank Logan Mayor Luke Smith, Desley Scott our patron for the Wellness Riverwalk, Mariea Leckie CEO of Regional Development Australia, Kris Trott CEO of QLD Mental Health Alliance and , Mental Health Commissioner Dr Lesley Von Shoubroeck and the honoured guests that came to celebrate and continue in responding to mental health.