Social Enterprise - Employment for Members

Social enterprise is all about jobs. Rejoining the workforce is a pleasure for our members.

Social Enterprise - Wonderful Services

 Wonderful Services (WS) is also all about jobs. An inititive of Canefields Clubhouse for members. WS employees deal with real customers through real works. For example: car detailing. car washing. commercial cleaning.  domestic cleaning. bookkeeping. factory work. administration roles. and more.

All of these jobs easily fit the clubhouse model. Likewise, where needed they can be adapted to the Transistional Employment (TE) process.

Contact Wonderful Services on 0491-164-704 to speak to Ethan or Bel.

Transistional Employment (TE) & Social Enterprise

TE is unique as it offers security to both the member participating and the employer. Employers are guaranteed to have a worker because a qualified staff member will take over if the employee cannot make it. TE positions are limited to 6-9 months.


Are looking for the perfect employee? One who is always available? Suited to your needs and requirements. Thankful for employment and happy to work.

We have just the employee for you! Contact us ASAP and we will fill that position for you.

Please call Wonderful Services on 0491-164-704 to speak to Ethan or Bel. Or use contact form below.