Canefields NDIS Program

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s first national scheme for people with a disability. It moves away from the previous system of providing funding to agencies and community organisations.  Now it provides funds directly to the individual. The NDIS provides all participants a variety of supports from transport and community access to therapies and cleaning services. NDIS Participants have the choice and control of what supports they receive, when they receive it and who provides it. See below for more information how the Canefields NDIS Team can help you access the NDIS or provide services to NDIS participants.

Our NDIS Services

Core Supports

Core supports are services that help you to manage day to day tasks. See below the Core services we can offer.

Group and Social Activities in the Community ($16.82 – $23.13)

Group and Social Activities in a Centre ($18.92 – $25.23) 

House and/or Yard Maintenance ($48.28)

House Cleaning and Other Household Activities ($49.16)

Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities ($50.03) 

*Plan-managed only

Access Community, Social and Rec Activities ($56.81)

*Plan-managed only

Capacity Supports

Capacity supports are services that help you to build independence and life skills. See below the Capacity services we can offer.

Life Transition Planning incl. Mentoring, Peer-support and Individual Skill Development ($60.16)

Assistance with Decision Making, Daily Planning and Budgeting ($46.31) 

*Support Coordination Coming Soon

Individual Skill Development and Training ($58.52)

Individual Skill Development and Training incl. Public Transport Training ($46.31)

*other services available upon request

Individual Employment Support ($59.03)

Employment Preparation and Support in a Group of 3 ($19.68)

*Plan-managed only

How can we help?

Canefields Clubhouse is a registered NDIS Provider. Whether you are eligible for, already have, or want more information on an the NDIS, please let us help you get NDIS ready by guiding you through the whole process. 

The experienced NDIS team at Canefields can support you with:

  • the NDIS application process
  • working with you to gather information and prepare you for your planning meeting
  • accompany you to NDIS planning meetings and other appointments that may assist you in your application
  • help you carryout and implement your approved plan
  • contact carers, family and other supports on behalf of the applicant to help gather information
  • help you to appeal an unwanted access decision and assist you to find other supports
  • offer our own NDIS services directly to you (see our services above)
  • high quality services and flexibility

The NDIS Team

The Canefields NDIS Program has grown and expanded in the past year. Experiencing so many successes and an increase in our current and new members receiving NDIS services we have been able to expand our team. 

All of our staff have knowledge of the NDIS and experience delivering high quality, specialised support services. All staff have completed the NDIS Worker Orientation Module, have completed a QLD Criminal Screening (Yellow and Blue Card) and have relevant qualifications and experience to deliver Canefields NDIS Services. 

The Team

Devina – NDIS Access & Operations Coordinator

Lauren – NDIS Access & Operations Coordinator

Jane – Manager

Tara – NDIS Access Assistant

Tony – Support Worker

Troy – Support Worker

Kylie – Support Worker

Peta – Support Worker, Art Tutor and Administration

Linda – Clubhouse Rehabilitation Support Worker

Sally – Clubhouse Housing Director

Jack – Wonderful Services (Cleaning & Gardening)

Karen – Volunteer Support Worker

Our Qualifications

  • Community Services
  • Human Services
  • Individual Support
  • Peer Support
  • Business
  • Disability Services
  • Mental Health
  • Senior First Aid & CPR

Contact Us

Call our NDIS Access & Operations Coordinators for any inquiry:

Devina – 0431 167 865   or   Lauren – 0468 890 320

or email at

Visit us at unit 2, 11-13 Logandowns Drive, Meadwbrook 4131 QLD

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