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NDIS Services provided by Canefields Clubhouse

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s first national scheme for people with a disability. It moves away from the previous system of providing funding to agencies and community organisations.  Now it provides funds directly to the individual. See below for more information on Canefields’ NDIS service provider.

Our Services

  • House and/or Yard Maintenance ($48.28)
  • House Cleaning and other Household Activities ($49.16)
  • Social Rec Centre Based TTP($18.92)
  • SAT Social Rec Centre Based TTP ($25.23)
  • Social Rec Community Based TTP ($16.82)
  • SAT Social Rec Community Based Tip ($23.17)
  • Assistance with decision making, daily planning & budgeting ($46.31)
  • Individual Skill Development and Training ($46.31) 
  • Life transition planning, including mentoring, peer support & individual skill development ($60.16)
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What is the NDIS?

When fully rolled out, the NDIS will provide for about 460,000 Australians aged under 65. Each having a permanent and significant disability that requires funding for supports and services. For many people, it will be the first time they receive the supports they need. NDIS provides all participants with information and connection to services in their communities such as doctors, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries, and schools.

What does it mean for you?

Reasonable and necessary funding is provided for people to access the supports and services they need to enjoy their life. Every NDIS participant has an individual plan that lists their goals and the funding they have received. Participants use their funding to purchase supports and services that will help them achieve their goals. Everyone has different goals but they could include things like getting and keeping a job, making friends or participating in a local community activity. All NDIS participants control the support they receive, when they receive it, and who provides it. The NDIS cannot fund a support that is:

> responsibility of another government system or community service; or

> not related to a persons disability.

Where do we come in?

How can Canefields Clubhouse help you transition to the NDIS?

Canefields Clubhouse is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider.

Whether you are eligible for, already have, or want more information on an NDIS package, please let us help you get NDIS ready by guiding you through the whole process.*

The knowledgeable NDIS team at Canefields Clubhouse can support you with:

> the NDIS application process

> working with you one-on-one to gather information and prepare you for your planning meeting

> accompany you to NDIS planning meetings and other meetings that may assist you with your transition to the NDIS

> help you carryout and implement your individual plan

> we can also contact carers, family members and other supporters of the individual applying during the transition process

> we can offer NDIS services and supports to you directly if you are approved for supports that we offer.

> Individuals accessing the NDIS with Canefields Clubhouse:

> are guaranteed high quality, competitive services

> will always be treated equally and with respect

> will have complete control of their NDIS package

> will be fully involved in the writing of all plan notes and confidentiality is guaranteed at all time

Our services

We offer a varied and growing amount of approved NDIS services and programs under the following categories:**

> Household Tasks

> Group/Centre Activities

> Development-Life Skills

> Accommodation/Tenancy

> Assist-Life Stage, Transition

But what do these mean?

These supports will help participants to:

> pursue their goals, objectives and aspirations

> increase their independence

> increase community and workplace participation, and

> develop their capacity to actively take part in the community

> To check your eligibility have a look at this NDIS Access Checklist.

*membership may be required for the access of some NDIS services
**available services are based on an assessment of individual plans
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