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Yes! We would like if you get involved! “Life’s too short to be wasted”. As a member, come into clubhouse and join in with Social Enterprise and Social Recreation. Plently of activities to entertain you and keep you busy.

We have positions available for Volunteers, Student Placements, and Partnerships.

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In General…

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 years, diagnosed with a mental health issue. It’s free and membership is for life.

There are over 340 Clubhouses operating worldwide and upon membership you become a part of this worldwide community.

Clubhouses provide a voluntary rehabilitation program for people who experience mental illness, where everyone is called a member rather then a client or patient and everyone is focused on what they can do rather then what they can’t.

Clubhouses provide a safe supportive friendly environment where people are accepted as valued members of the community. Clubhouses rely on members talents skills and strengths in order to function.

Why not come to the Clubhouse? Meet members and staff, participate in the work-ordered day and get to know what we are all about!

Contact us to receive a personal membership form, THIS INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, when a potential member is ready we will sign them up. don’t forget membership is for life, so no matter how offer a member comes in they are still welcome whether it be once a year or every day!

Once you have completed the form you automatically become a member for life and can enjoy all the facilities and services at the Clubhouse.

At Canefields we care about our members, so if we haven’t seen a member for a while someone will call to offer support. Particularly if a member is in hospital or just not well.

Should a member not wish this to happen they just have to advise a staff member.

Orientation tours are available for everyone to learn more about the Clubhouse. Just contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Use Contact Form below for more Information.

Or Call Us on (07) 3807 0951