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Future of mental health. Professor Allan Fels AO

Future of mental health in Australia and the World in general. Canefields ClubHouse hopes you will enjoy an interesting interview we found for you.

Mar 28, 2019 Professor Allan Fels AO discusses the future of mental health. Also the ongoing mental health challenges Australia. Fels is in conversation with Gloria Sleaby FCPA, Director Sleaby Health & Rochess Enterprises P/L.

Listen to the podcast or download the transcript.

CPA Australia Interview: Future of Mental Health in Australia

Host presentation by CPA Australia.

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Snipets from the inteview:

Gloria Sleaby: That must make it very difficult for you and your family. You say that mental health is running at a fragmented fashion. Do you believe that’s because of the funding or is it because of the private versus public? And how do you believe it should change?
Allan Fels: Well, that’s a huge … There are a huge set of problems in mental health. Very fundamentally, it’s not a very high priority of governments or the community. There’s quite a bit of stigma, discrimination. It’s not a very popular illness. If you talk to ministers, they’d prefer to put their money into less unpopular things. So the degree of support is not that strong, needs to be stronger.

Professor Allan Fels asks for help:

Gloria Sleaby: So I just want to ask a general question around people with mental illness that don’t have family and don’t have carers. Will there be included in the Royal Commission what support systems we can put in place for those people?
Allan Fels: Well, I’ve got two answers. I think something will be done about it, but I’d encourage anyone who wants to send in a short letter or a submission to the Royal Commission on mental health. At the time of this interview we’re doing right now, we’ve only been operating a few days, so I can’t give you a lot of information exactly on how to do a submission. But the more we hear from people, the better.

We at Canefields hope you find this interview relevant and helpful.

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