Canefields Clubhouse places a high priority ensuring members have access to quality employment opportunities by creating and utlising new and existing relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, including local businesses and community partners, employment agencies and Wonderful Services, a social enterprise of Canefields Clubhouse. 

Transitional Employement (TE) is an ‘on the job’ training initiative, where a member is engaged in a position for 6-9 months for up to 8 hours a week. Members gain skills and confidence entering the workforce again and Canefields Clubhouse supports the member through training and social supports, while helping the member overcome any barriers to returning to work.

Through the TE program, Canefields Clubhouse guarantees to always fill the shift with a qualified staff member, if for any reason the member is unable to. 

A Supported Employment (SE) position has no time-limit, can be full or part time and belongs to the member, meaning Canefields will not cover absences.

Canefields Clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer, and will continue to support members through training and social supports. 

An Independent Employment (IE) position belongs to the member. Members could choose whether to reveal their membership with the Clubhouse to employer(s). There is no time-limit, and the job could be full-time, part-time or casual. Canefields Clubhouse offers assistance in job hunting, resume writing and reviewing, job applications and social support.

Education & Training Opportunities

Focus on Education and Skills

Above all, we have  become partners with many education and training bodies. We work with local universities, TAFE and training providers. As a result, we are able to offer certified training for our members.

Qualifications in fields, such as community services, business, mental health and physical first aid etc. are available.

Staff, volunteers and members are regularly applying for funds, grants etc. Therefore training can usually be offered at little or no cost to members.

Currently, Canefields Clubhouse has acquired a partnership with Mylestones Employment to help our members find work. The team from Mylestones is at Clubhouse Thursdays to meet with our members.

Short List of Activities

The following list is just some of the activities of members.

Dish/Hand worker, Car Detailer, Garden Maintenance/Landscaping, Kitchen Hand, Glass Collector, General Maintenance, Cleaner, Day/Night Packer, General Labouring, Factory Hand, Administration Assistant, Library Assistant, General Office, File/Data Clerk, Mail Room Clerk, Catering Assistant, Retail Assistant, Warehouse Assistant.


Current Partners

We are proud to maintain strong relationships with employer partners such as: