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Donate for the Members

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“Canefields Clubhouse offers its members access to effective mental health supports. These supports teach them the skills and give them the opportunities they need to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

When you donate to Canefields Clubhouse, you are directly helping our members. They then have more access to our services. As a result, the donation greatly assists their mental health recovery.

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Leave a Gift in your Will?

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Donations of $2.00 and above are tax deductible.
Check our deductible gift recipient status here.

Leave a gift in your will? By leaving a gift to Canefields Clubhouse from your estate you can make a positive impact. Resources available to the clubhouse are increasing and our members will benefit by monetary donations. Bequeathing a gift to the clubhouse will ensure your valuable belongings can be given a new life. Therefore benefiting the lives of those who need and appreciate it.

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Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Many people are realising how easy and beneficial making regular donations to local charities and community organisations can be.

A hassle free way to do this is through Payroll Giving. Giving regular donations via Payroll Giving is a great way to show generosity with ease.

To begin making regular donations or get more information on Payroll Giving and Canefields Clubhouse contact our Executive Director at or ask for Jak Dennison on (07) 3807 0951.

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You can also donate directly by cheque, bank transfer or credit card at the clubhouse.

The donation dollar amounts above can be taken in any multiple you wish. An official ‘tax-deductable’ receipt will accompany your payment.