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The Canefields Clubhouse Artist Hub is comprised of different activities by different tutors at our premises throughout the week and monthly. We have our Art sessions here on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-4pm and we are now open Saturdays with craft activities. Come on in and meet some wonderful people to create with.

Permanent Exhibitions

Our current permanent exhibition space can be seen throughout our clubhouse and continues to grow as more and more talented members display their works. Come in anytime to see the amazing creations or attend an art session on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. 

Artist Hub

The Canefields Clubhouse Artist Hub Studio

At Canefields Clubhouse we are passionate about promoting the arts to our members. The aim of this program is to increase social inclusion and build resilience for our members to either pursue their art professionally or to simply create for their own enjoyment. We have a gallery at Canefields Clubhouse and our work is for sale. Shortly you will be able to purchase our art from our online store.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Canefields Clubhouse is a non-government organisation (NGO). Clubhouse operates as a psycho-social rehabilitation unit. We welcome adults currently having mental health issues in Logan-City area. The program operates under the strict guidelines of the Clubhouse International.

The Clubhouse provides hundreds of members in our community with an opportunity to experience meaningful and productive lives.

Programs include:

Work ordered day, cooking & catering, computer & internet, office work, education & employment. All with the aim of providing a supported ‘return to work’.

Clubhouses are places where people with a current mental health issue can meet with their peers. With a structured environment that provides access to:
> employment and pre-employment activities.
> improved housing access.
> social ventures.
> social activities.
> peer support.
> mentoring.
> life skills development.
> a range of self- directed activities.

From humble beginnings in 2000, Canefields Clubhouse commenced operating with unpaid volunteers. It all started in a small private residence in Manilla Street, Beenleigh. They had zero funding and unpaid volunteers.

Today, the Clubhouse is an Incorporated Association with Charity Status operating from large and expanding premises.

Now we are one of fifteen (15) clubhouses in Australia. In 2011 Canefields Clubhouse received a three-year unconditional certification from the Clubhouse International. Making one of only five (5) ICCD-certified clubhouses in Australia. Proudly, Canefields Clubhouse was a co-recipient of the 2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize as being part of International Clubhouse movement. In 2016, Canefields Clubhouse is prepared for re-accreditation from the Clubhouse International. This accreditation continues today.

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