Work Ordered Day

Canefields Clubhouse operates around a Work Ordered Day that mimics the day of a traditional workplace. Members are involved in the daily tasks of the Clubhouse and can volunteer to complete activities and projects that assist in the development of skills and knowledge they deem important for their rehabilitation.


Canefields Clubhouse offers members access to safe and secure housing through our housing program. Participants in the housing program have full support from Canefields Clubhouse and the Housing team throughout their stay, and continued support for those who transition into independent accommodation.

Social Enterprise

Canefields Clubhouse has launched and maintained a successful social enterprise (Wonderful Services). Through Wonderful Services, Canefields Clubhouse can offer members meaningful, award wage employment delivering services to Wonderful Services clients.

Employment & Education

Canefields Clubhouse offers our members extensive employment, training and education opportunities and support. Members can increase their confidence in the workforce through a Transitional Employment position or use the resources available through Canefields Clubhouse to increase their employability.

Social Recreation

Canefields Clubhouse offers an amazing Social Recreation program to all members. Social activities occur regularly after business hours and monthly on weekends. The activities are offered to members at the lowest cost possible and includes transport for all participants at their request. Activities change each month based local events.


Canefields Clubhouse is a registered provider of NDIS services in a variety of categories. Eligible members can access NDIS supports directly through Canefields Clubhouse and our social enterprise can offer eligible external individuals their services as well.