Clubhouse Evening and Weekend Programs

Activities occur both within the Clubhouse and through excursions into the outside Our Clubhouse sums up its Evening and Weekend Program: “We play as hard as we work together….Like everything Clubhouse, it’s all about relationships.” Clubhouse evenings and weekends are for fun, but more than fun. Evening/Weekend activities are all-inclusive, reflecting the concern of Clubhouses for the whole of people’s lives and for relationships based on wholeness. The specific focus of the Work-Ordered Day is then balanced with Evening/Weekend activities which encompass a full range of interests, aspirations, enjoyments, and pleasures. Education and even work are included – the work of planning and conducting the activities. Evening/Weekend activities can range as follows:

  • Activities at the Clubhouse can include board games, card games, chess, dancing, karaoke, crafts, pool, ping pong, bingo, and other activities of interest to members and
  • Employment and education supports can be extended from the day into the evening through dinner meetings, community support services for members working independently, tutoring, computer tutorials, and various classes of interest to
  • Supports providing assistance to members with health and addiction issues can be conducted, such as substance abuse groups, weight watchers, smoking cessation groups, and exercise classes.
  • Facilities at the Clubhouse can be available to members for personal use, such as computers, copy machines, exercise equipment, television, and laundry machines.
  • Members and staff can participate in cultural activities held at the Clubhouse, such as dramatic productions, art groups, and music and singing groups.
  • Members and staff can become involved in sporting activities, both as participants and observers, through Clubhouse teams playing local community teams, attendance at community sporting events, and watching games on television.
  • Members and staff can attend and/or participate in cultural, recreational, and other venues of interest in the community, such as concerts, dramatic productions, movies, malls for shopping, gyms, restaurants, bowling, and carnivals.
  • Clubhouse excursions and trips can be conducted to parks, beaches, on hikes, and camping, as well as long-distance ventures made to national points of interest financed by Clubhouse fund raising efforts.
  • Of special significance are holiday events celebrated in a manner congruent with each holiday, such as Christmas Day dinner/ lunch, a party at New Year’s, costumes at Halloween, or culturally relevant activities congruent with respective countries’
  • Canefields Clubhouse Social and Recreation Program offers Evening and Weekend program such as Karaoke, Ten pin Bowling, Trips to the Mall, Shopping, Movies both in house and at Movie theaters. Drives, Picnics, Sports Fun at the local park, BBQ’s, in house Brunch and lunches and Dinners out, Employment and Education Dinners and Lunches, Guest Speakers, Healthy Living program, Art group. We are always looking for new and fun adventures for Social and Recreation to get involved in, we have planning meetings once a month tot plan the following months calendar – all ideas are welcome.