About Us

Our story

Canefields Clubhouse commenced operation with unpaid volunteer from a small private residence in Beenleigh with zero funding. Today, we operate from a large and ever expanding premises in close proximity to the Logan Hospital, public transport, a busy shopping district and has created amazing relationships with the surrounding businesses and health care providers.


Canefields Clubhouse has provided hundreds of members in our community with an opportunity to experience meaningful and productive lives since our opening in 2000. 

Now operating as an Incorporated Association and a registered charity, Canefields Clubhouse has been able to offer more programs and services to our members. The Housing Program, Employment and Education Program, Work Ordered Day and Social Recreation only make up part of what members can access. Within all of the available programs that make up the daily running of the clubhouse, are an abundance of individual tasks that members are involved in. Member involvement is vital for the successful running of the clubhouse as our membership is made up of individuals with a vast and varying amount of knowledge, skills and experience that they can apply during their time at Canefields Clubhouse.


Clubhouse Model

Canefields Clubhouse follows the International Clubhouse Model of mental health rehabilitation and we are one of only thirteen (13) clubhouses in Australia. In 2011 Canefields Clubhouse received a three-year unconditional certification from Clubhouse International and we are proud to have maintained our certification to the present day. Making Canefields Clubhouse one of only five (5) Internationally Certified clubhouses in the country.

The Clubhouse Model is person centered and focuses on meaningful work and socialisation for individuals living with a mental illness. The Clubhouse Model is proven to be an effective model for the rehabilitation of people struggling with their mental health and assists them in achieving a life with meaningful and quality experiences through skill development, resource building and socialisation.

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It is our mission to offer adults living with a mental illness an opportunity to experience meaningful and productive lives within the community through our program that supports and empowers its members.


Our members have access to a safe & supportive environment to access rehabilitation services & educational opportunities, be treated with respect & dignity, & achieve & maintain socially satisfying lives.

Donate to Canefields Clubhouse

Canefields Clubhouse accepts donations of any size to help with the development and creation of high quality programs and services for our members. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.


Canefields Clubhouse was the proud co-recipient of the 2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize by being a part of the International Clubhouse Movement.

Canefields Clubhouse has also developed and maintained a successful social enterprise (Wonderful Services) that offers a variety of services to the greater Logan area. Wonderful Services has been able to not only offer meaningful employment to many of the members of Canefields Clubhouse, but also offer competitively priced services to the local community. On top of this, through our recent, flourishing partnership with STAR Care, Wonderful Services can now assist the aged care clients of STAR with our services.

The roll our of the NDIS this year has also proven a success for Canefields Clubhouse as we have become a Registered NDIS Provider to our eligible members and some external clients through our social enterprise (Wonderful Services). The approved services offered by Canefields Clubhouse under the NDIS are extensive and continuing to increase.

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