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The Administration and Reception Unit is integral to the daily running of Canefields Clubhouse as are all the units. This unit helps with the general administration and reception work of the unit, keeping databases, records, member information, and other daily tasks.


  • Answering the Phones
  • Meeting and Greeting of Members and Visitors
  • Recording Attendance of Members
  • General Administration Duties
  • Producing a bi-monthly newsletter
  • Outreach of Members
  • Record keeping for members
  • Communicating and networking through the use of the internet and other services
  • Data input
  • Fundraising
  • The Clubhouses Pilot Program the No Interest Loan Scheme
  • Organising Functions (such as Fundraising events and BBQ’s and Social recreation outings)
  • Filing and record keeping
  • creating membership cards and lots more jobs


If you’re interested in joining the team and becoming a motivated worker then come give us a visit or to learn more about what the Administration and Reception Unit does. There are lots of skills that can be gained by working the Unit, by getting involved in the work ordered day some of which are listed below.


  • Reception skills include answering the phone and taking messages
  • Communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Photocopying and Filing
  • Developing Computer Skills including Microsoft Word, Excel (spreadsheets) and Publisher
  • Concentration and Memory Skills
  • Financial Management Skills including Petty Cash, Invoicing, and Accounting
  • Letter Writing and Editing Skills
  • Social Interaction
  • Outreach is provided to offer support to Members who do not attend Canefields Clubhouse on a regular basis


The Employment and Education Unit coordinates information and tasks associated with the employment/education program.


  • Assisting members find employment (Transitional, Supported or Independent Employment)
  • Liaison with potential employers for Transitional or Supported Employment
  • Providing support to members who are currently employed
  • Assisting members to find and enrol in courses of interest
  • Supporting members with their study and assignments
  • Resume and interview assistance
  • Budgeting support
  • The opportunity to help members gain new computer skills such as typing, collating information from the internet, Microsoft Office, Facebook

The Transitional Employment Program allows members lacking work experience, confidence or skills for independent employment, the opportunity to work at real jobs for real pay. Members are given unlimited opportunities at TE regardless of past work history or unsuccessful attempts. There is no such thing as a failure at TE.


  • 6 to 9 months temporary work with part time hours
  • Members are paid at award wages
  • Members complete TE work at the employer’s place of business
  • All TE work is entry level and does not require qualifications
  • An absence of work history and or hospitalisation will not affect a member’s chance to obtain a TE
  • No resume or interview required (selection of TE workers is done by clubhouse staff)


Several employers are benefiting from all that Transitional Employment has to offer Canefields currently has partnerships with:
Thank you to these employers who have provided employment opportunities for our members.
-Langs Building Supplies
-Acmena House

If you are an employer and interested in finding out more about how Canefields Clubhouse’s Transitional Employment Program can benefit your organisation, please contact us on 3807 0951 or


Supported Employment is designed to assist members to secure their own permanent employment, of their choice (as opposed to Transitional Employment which is temporary). Members choose the amount of support they receive and lasts as long as the member is employed in the position and/or for as long as the member requests. Disclosure of mental illness to an employer is the decision of the member.


Thank you to those employers that have provided employment opportunities to our members. Canefields currently has partnerships with:

  • Midway Metals
  • Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre
  • Eagle Boys
  • Centacare
  • Coles
  • Wetfix
  • Keema Cleveland
  • QLD Health


Independent employment is a program of the Clubhouse through which members, when ready, are assisted from the Clubhouse to apply for and acquire a full-time job of their own. The Clubhouse then provides on-going support and encouragement for the members as long as they request assistance for their employment. There is no on-site support at the place of business for members in independent employment. All of the support is at the Clubhouse. Members still have an equal opportunity to participate in all Clubhouse events such as social recreation and Employment and Education Dinners, as well as any support they require from the Clubhouse.


The Catering Unit is responsible for cooking daily lunches for members and staff as well as cleaning up of the unit and setting up and packing down the tables. The Catering Unit also bakes cookies, cakes, and muffins for the Cafe and for Members’ birthdays.

The unit holds a morning meeting to organise the menu and daily tasks. There is also an afternoon meeting to run over the checklist and ensure all jobs were completed for the day.

Members are able to learn new cooking and life skills that they may previously have not been able to learn. It helps members gain confidence in the kitchen and gives a sense of self-satisfaction in delivering a wonderful 2-course meal on a daily basis.


The Cafe sells refreshments for members and staff to purchase throughout the day. Items available include coffees, tea, soft drink, toasted sandwiches and other light meals. The cafe also provides breakfast daily – light breakfast every day from 8am – 9:15am, and bacon and eggs, or Jen’s clubhouse renowned lifestyle omelettes on Thursdays. The cafe teaches members to cash handling and customer service, which is beneficial for self-confidence and skills they can take to the workplace.


The reasons the catering unit is so important range from making available and serving the cheapest 2 courses square meal each day, along with teaching our members new skills in the kitchen that they can take home and use and teamwork which might be useful for transitional employment place or independent employment place in the future as well.


Bottom Line Responsibility in the Clubhouse
by Mark Glickman

Mark Glickman was formerly coordinator of international training at Fountain House in New York. He now lives and works in San Diego, California

This article is all about bottom line responsibility in the Clubhouse. Responsibility issues might occur between staff and members in every unit in Clubhouse. And this article gives us useful information to understand more about staff’s role and attitude rather than members’ one in various situations.


In Catering Unit members can learn about budgeting by the process of planning the lunch menu between members and staff. After getting order lunch for the day they make a decision about recipe and ingredients for daily lunch.

Also, members might go to shopping with the staff as the budget plan which they have made by themselves with the staff.
Members also can be learned about food handling skills and healthy eating habits through the budgeting of lunch and dessert as well as workplace health and safety which means they need to protect from danger and keep safe themselves as well as other people at the workplace.

News – Our new Supported House; Buetel House in Waterford West will be open in early April 2016. The application is open now.
Please see Sally for further information.


A Canefields Housing Initiative

Part of the Clubhouse is its housing program. Canefields Clubhouse offers support to its members in order to access and maintain safe, affordable housing in accordance with their needs. The Clubhouse also has a transitional house “Prestige House” that places members in the house for a period of up to 18 months. During that time the following is offered:

· Daily support 7 days a week from a Clubhouse member
· Own private fully furnished room with shared/communal facilities
· Support at the Clubhouse based on your individual needs
· Affordable rent including water and electricity
· Transition support to secure your own public housing or private rental


Canefields Clubhouse opened its supported housing program in September 2015. There are no time limits to stay, and all bedrooms are furnished.
Download Canefields House info
Download Canefields House acceptance and budget form