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Important Community Contact Information for Mental Health Consumers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Services (ATSI)

Logan-Beaudesert District Indigenous Mental Health Workers:       3290 8999
Assist indigenous consumers and carers of the Districts Mental Health Service with case management,mental health education and referrals to non-government organisations.

Beaudesert Health Services Indigenous Health:       5541 9111
Medicare – Indigenous Access:       1800 556 955
Mununjali Housing & Development Com:       5541 2575
35 Anna St, Beaudesert

ATSI Community Health Services:       3393 0055
The Healing Centre

ATSI Outreach Services:       3208 6933
8 Jacaranda Crt, Woodridge
Counselling advice to ATSI women, men and youth, mental health, administrating and financial counselling, dental service and transport.

Advisory, Legal and Advocacy Services

Logan District Mental Health Service: 3299 8466
Consumer And Carer Liaison Representatives
Provide advocacy and advice for consumers regarding rights such as Freedom of Information, Mental Health Tribunal, Mental Health Court and Allied Person, complaints, change of doctor and/or case manager. Make referrals to independent volunteers who are trained in advocacy and Mental Health Act issues who can act Allied Person for the consumer.

Community Visitor: 3406 77111 or 1300 302 711
Community visitor will assist consumers and carers if they believe that they are being discriminated against, mistreated or not receiving adequate service from MH Services.

Legal Aid: 1300 651 188
Can provide legal advice and information free and can give representation in some legal matters. May see patients in a hospital.

Health Quality Complaints Commission: 1800 077 308
GPO Box 3089 Brisbane Q 4001
If carers or consumers believe that their initial complaint against a health service(government or nongovernment) is not addressed adequately –the next step is the commission.

Welfare Rights Centre: 3847 5532
Alhambra House’ 3/28 Old Cleveland Rd. Stones Corner Handle disability discrimination, Centerlink, Legal or other complaints.
Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm. Telephone advice is available.

Public Trustee: 3213 9288
Public Trustee can help consumers, whose decision-making capacity is impaired,to manage their domestic and financial affairs. This may be a long or short term arrangement, depending on need. An application has to be made through the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal.

Guardianship and Administration
General enquiries: 1300 360044
Tribunal: 1300 780 666
Welfare Legal Rights Centre: 3864 8511
Free Will making. Public Trustee will help anyone make a will.For carers, they can make sure the consumer will be looked after financially (if necessary), by administering the consumers pension and making sure bills are paid. Also they can help construct a will that will help the consumer to manage inherited money or property in a practile manner. They charge a small fee for administering finances but will give a quote before the decision is made by the carer.

Brisbane area: 3213 9288
Gold Coast: 5588 5333
Ipswich: 3432 6611

Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre: 3287 2840
Free legal advice by appointment only

Beenleigh Consumer and Carer Advisory Group: 3299 8466
This is an advisory group to the Logan District Mental Health Service. The group discuss and review mental health planning, implementation of policies and practices at the district and state level and feedback to the Mental Health Services senior management. The group meets every 2nd Thursday from 10.30am – 12.30pm at Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre, Mansfield Walk off Kent St Beenleigh.

Counseling & Support for Carers

ARAFMI Queenland. Regional: 1800 36 1881
Local calls: 3254 1881
24-hour telephone support 7 days a week free
Face to face counseling, for a small contribution ($20) Carer Connect Service Individualised, personal support – home visits – help with filling out forms for centrelink

ARAFMI – Beenleigh: 3299 8466
Support group for carers meets every fourth Wednesday of the month from 10am -12pm at Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre, Mansfield Walk off Kent St (next to police station)

ARAFMI – Beaudesert: 5541 1653
Support group for carers meets first Tuesday each month from 1pm-3pm at Kath’s Place, 27 Dunsinane St, Beaudesert

Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland: 3358 4424
Issue a newsletter listing various activities, forums, information on latest research. Provide camp and social activities for mental health consumers. Facilitate an Art exhibition of artists during schizophrenia week.

Mental Illness Fellowship Gold Coast: 5591 6490
Arranges and facilitates many activities throughout the year for both carer and consumers, such as monthly BBQ’s, Carers’ Lunches, Forums and special church services, Family networks, library, respite for carers over 65, and carer support groups, several support groups meet in various locations in the gold coast area phone for more information. This program provides opportunities for carers to form friendship and peer support through respite workshops and daytime recreational and social activities, breakaway young carer program, Peer support program for young carers between 13-18 caring for a parent with a mental illness. The program supplies respite and social activities outside the home with other young carers.

Survivors of Suicide Bereavement
Support Assistant: 1300 767 022
24-hour telephone counselling. face to face bereavement counselling.

Koping Program: 3355 8999
289 Wardell St , Enoggera
This program supports children and young people in families where a parent is living with a mental health problem. Support groups and Library Service will arrange travel and time during school hours for the young person to attend groups.

General Counselling
Beenleigh Community Centre: 3287 2840
Mansfield Walk ( off Kent St )
Free counselling on many issues such as Relationships, Family dysfunction, Self – Esteem, Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Addiction and Depression, Intimacy problems, Goal Setting and Motivation.

Carer Support – Not specifically Mental Health

Commonwealth Carer Respite:       1800 052 222
Respite program for carers funded by the Federal Government. Arrange home or community care for up to six weeks for consumers to give carers a short break, holiday or if for some other reason the carer is unable to care for the consumer. They also fund many other programs for carers.

Young Carer Program
For young carers up to 25, assist with advice and help with Centrelink payment for young person who is the main provider of care. Help with housework, shopping, cooking. Arrange for tutor if needed for school work. Help with fun week-end activities with other young carers.

Carers Queensland:       1800 242 636
Information of Carers Group South Coast, Counselling , advocacy and resources as well ad information and support.

Beenleigh Carers Group:       3421 5900
Meets 4th Tuesday each month from 10am – 12noon Beenleigh Senior Citizens Centre, Alamein St Beenleigh

Logan Carers Group
Meets 3rd Thursday of the month 10am – 12noon Logan Central Community Centre Cr Wembley Rd and Jacaranda Avenue – behind Logan Art Gallery

Disability Services Queensland:       1800 177 120
Family Support Program for Adults
This program is for families who support an adult with a disability ( 18- 65 ) who lives with them. The program is designed to help families care for their family member by increasing their knowledge and skill, minimise incidence of crises, also help aging carers.

Adult Lifestyle Support Program
This program is for adults with a disability who live independently. The program offers Lifestyle Support- support at home – manage household – recreation and social activities – strengthen family and friends network. These programs have a long waiting list and it may take several years to gain access. If carers are concerned that their family member may not manage once the carer is no longer around it is worthwhile to make the application.

Community Care

Youth and Family Services:       3826 1500
376 Kingston Rd Woodridge
Personal Helpers and Mentors Program- supports adults (16-65) who are severely affected by mental illness in the recovery journey.

Beau Vision:       5541 1653
Part of St Mary’s Community Services- Covers Beaudesert, 46 Anna St Beaudesert, Supporting independent living skills for consumers with mental illness.

District Mental Health Services

Logan-Beaudesert Mental Health Service
Mental Health Unit Reception: 3299 8925
Nr. Loganlea & Armstrong Rds Meadowbrook

Emergency: 3299 8899
Adult Community Mental Services
These services supply an assessment of consumers to determine if a consumer has a serious mental illness and will require treatment. If the consumer does not have a serious mental illness then the service will refer the consumer to other services that can help such as counselling. The Community Mental Health services also supply outpatient treatment to consumers who have a serious mental illness and requir3em long-term treatment and case management. These services are only open from 8-30am-5pm weekdays. If an assessment is needed urgently at other times then the consumer must go to Logan Hospital Emergency Department.

Beenleigh Adult Mental Health Service: 3827 9855
10-18 Mt. Warren Boulevard, Mt Warren Park

Logan Adult Mental Health Service: 3290 8999
Logan West Adult Mental Health Service
Wineglass Dr Hillcrest.


Mental health Education for Families, Significant Others and Friends: 3299 8466
This Program is presented twice a year for six weeks every April & October- by the Logan-Beaudesert District mental health Service- April sessions are conducted at Logan Hospital Health Unit from 6pm-9pm. The program is divided into ten subjects and each subject is presented by either a psychiatrist, Registrar or other Mental Health Professional. The program is free.

Wellness Program: 3358 4424
This program is facilitated by Schizophrenia Fellowship and is presented by a lay person who has trained specifically for this program. The program runs for eight weeks and costs app$40-$90.

ARAFMI Workshops: 3254 1881
ARAFMI Queensland facilitates several workshops specifically developed for families and carers-Coping Skills- Coping With Dual Diagnosis-Loss and Grief-Effective communication and much more, presented by professionals. To access any of theses workshops contact ARAFMI and they may be able to hold workshops in your area if needed. A small contribution of $5 is appreciated to cover the cost of catering.

Emergency Services

For emergency always call 000
Beenleigh Police: 3801 0777
3 Kent st

Logan Central Police: 38261888
Logan central civic parade

Browns Plains Police: 3451 6500
3 Orr Court

Slacks Creek: 38081099
Beaudesert: 5541 2020
29 Anna st. Beaudesert

Logan Hospital Emergency Department: 3299 8899
Cr.Loganlea Rd & Armstrong Rd. Meadowbrook

Mental health after hours: 3290 8999
Advice line for consumers and carers if unsure what to do in emergency situations. Not a counselling service.

Beaudesert Hospital: 5541 9111
64 Tina St, Beaudesert

Beenleigh Clerk of the court
Beenleigh Courthouse Kent St. Beenleigh If the consumer is unwell but won’t seek treatment from the Mental health Service then it may be necessary to apply for a Justice examination orders(JEOs are used, if all else fails, as a means to get a mental health assessment. These forms can be accessed from the clerk of the court at the courthouse. First ask for help from Mental Health workers at Logan or Beenleigh Community Mental health centres.

Practical Home Help

Home assist Secure
This service provides minor repairs and maintenance for people over 60 or for people of any age with a disability (carers can access this service if the person they care for is living with the carer and is on a disability pension) at the cost of the material used. This can include repairs to hot water systems, dripping taps, leaking toilets, broken power points or switches, fridge stove, washing machine repairs, locks, gutter cleaning etc.

Logan and Beenleigh District: 32080604
Gold Coast North: 5531 3502
Beaudesert: 5541 1653

Respite/Accommodation Services
These services are medium to short term supported accommodation for consumers- to give carers respite- if carer has to be away from home for any reason or just need a break from the caring role.

Acmena House– Alternatives to hospitalisation- run by Logan-Beaudesert Mental health service short term respite places available if there are vacancies. Referrals via Community Mental health services-Logan and Beenleigh.

Karakan-Stap project: 32991898
Supported respite accommodation situated in the Beenleigh and Mt Warren parks areas crisis accommodation up to six months- respite up 6 weeks.

Kyabra Community Ass: 3373 9499
PO Box 1103 Sunnybank Hills 4109
Supported respite service from Rochedale to Acacia Ridge areas,in-home support,financial support for carers(help with funding for holidays, for example). Not supported accommodation.

Commonwealth Respite And Carelink: 1800 059 059
Can arrange respite service long or short term. At home or with a mental health support organisation.

FSG Beenleigh: 38075933
Blue gums- Respite house- 276 Dairy creek Rd- Waterford

Pinelands: 3216 9699
121 pinelands Rd-Sunnybank
These houses are for people with mental illness who have a carer. Funding through carelink.

FSG Gold Coast: 5531 2969
16 Railway st, Southport
Auspice programs for people with mental illness.

Jerendine: 3411 2777

Family Support Program. Only for consumers living in Brisbane city council areas south of Brisbane river and Redland shire. Short term supported respite accommodation.

Karynia Family Support: 3812 3358
12 Ferret st, Sadliers crossing QLD 4305 Karinya is a Carer respite program of Mental Health Carers Arafmi Queensland Inc. By Carer, we mean a person who provides ongoing Emotional and Practical Support to a relative or friend who is living with a mental illness. The program assists carers by providing support for the person with Mental illness,which will enable carers to have a break or for emergency situations, by providing a place to stay for the family member who has a mental illness.

Yallawah Respite House: 5568 0753
16 Railway St Southport QLD 4215
Yalkawah House offers a holiday break for people who experience mental illness or dual disability while there family/carers have some time out for themselves. The house is situated on the Gold Coast near the water- provide planned respite stays with flexible support, must have a carer to qualify.